“I am excited to be an active part of this strong and successful school community. As the principal of Gardenville Elementary School, I work hard to foster a safe and positive learning environment where all students experience high quality instruction, high expectations and a commitment to excellence from all staff members”.

Cynthia wilson-shirley

Gardenville Elementary School is a community school. As part of our school culture, we welcome parents, guardians, and all community stakeholders to support our students. We believe in providing students with rigorous instruction in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere. Gardenville Elementary partners with the Family League of Baltimore and the Boy and Girl Scouts of America to provide resources for our students and their families. With the collaboration and collective efforts of staff, parents, and community, our goal is to support each student’s academic and creative success and to develop responsible and productive citizens.


To prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective, and a respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion. 

Students will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow. 


Gardenville Elementary School’s staff, parents, and community are dedicated to the intellectual, personal, social, and physical growth of our students.  We strive to immerse our students in diversified experiences, so they will discover their potential, achieve readiness for college and careers, and succeed in a safe and caring environment. 



You’re Welcome at The Garden 🌻

At Gardenville Elementary School, teachers, school leaders, staff, and partners help create a community of learners where all students know they are important.



The Team

Gardenville Elementary School is comprised of many dedicated, caring and supportive administration, educators and staff.  Together, we all share in making this wonderful school, great! 



Cynthia Wilson-Shirley



Nasheema Blakney

Office Assistant



Literacy Coach



Deb Hollern



Melanie Miller



Trinae Jones

Grade 1


Brionna Boyd

Grade 2


Tanya Travis

Grade 2


Debbie Ervin

Grade 3/4


Catherine Gross

Grade 3/4


Nat Davis

Grade 3/4


Medra Pullen

Grade 5


Valarie Hasanifshar

Grade 5


Jasmine Trent

Primary SpEd


Samantha Minunno

Intermediate SpEd


Nayantara BasuSen



Nate Parsh

Physical Education


Jonathan Pettus



Reanne Soto


Resource Teachers/Related Services/Health Services


Chezonne Johnson

Social Worker


Angela Hilliard

IEP Team Associate


Kyle Johnson



Betty Lightner

Speech Pathologist


Jennifer Dulay

Speech Pathologist


Harvey Miles

Community School Coordinator


Nickey Buchanan



Illinois King



Susan Abugo



Cynthia Gladney



Synora Childs

Sped Paraprofessional


Da’Jonna Taylor

Elem Paraproffessional


Jasmine Maith

Kindergarten Paraprofessional


Nicole Washington

Pre-K Paraprofessional


Meloni Sturgis

Literacy Tour


Robert Little

Literacy Tutor

Food service


Brenda Stuart

Cafeteria Manager


Rita Harrison



Ricky Sanchez


custodial services


Derrick Slowe